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Ogni Cosa è Importante! (2009)

Ogni cosa è importante! (2009)

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About book Ogni Cosa è Importante! (2009)

This book took me for quite a spin! Although initially a slow starter, starting at the birth of the main character (inspiringly named 'Junior') it's unique premise is that he knows exactly when the world will end. The rest of the book is him screwing up his entire life because of this knowledge and his way too high intelligence. (don't worry, it has a sort-of happy ending. Emphasis on the sort-of).Aaaah such an interesting concept and so masterfully executed! I specifically liked the shifting perspectives; not just from first-persons around the plot, but also to the second-person! It's rare to find it in books (and I'm used to it from another media type) and done so well. The second person narratives were especially interesting because they tend to reappear when the protagonist disassociates himself by either drugs or alcohol that it would seem like he 'can't' narrate anymore.Not totally sold on the ending though :/ I think he still could've done something in the end (and I didn't understand what was up with Ruby completely. Does she know as well?) What would you do if you knew since you were born that the world would end? That's the premise behind this book. It leads us through someone's life choices and the ppl surrounding him. The book is interesting and I could not put it down. It is depressing yet happy at the same time. Makes you really think about how choices we don't think matter, actually matter and can change our life in a matter of seconds. I definitely recommend ppl read this book.

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I have a feeling that this one is going to stick around with me for a while.

Razor-sharp writing, punch-in-the-gut story lines, and humor! A must read.

I really enjoyed this book.

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