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Ojo De Halcón: Pequeños Aciertos (2014)

Ojo de Halcón: Pequeños aciertos (2014)

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Panini Comics España (Marvel Comics)

About book Ojo De Halcón: Pequeños Aciertos (2014)

I have a theory about the writing of these comics. The amount of thought and time that goes into them to make the story, the drawings, and the colors 100% spot on is amazing. But for someone who's not used to reading comics or how they work, it was a little bit of a struggle to grasp onto the jumping around of where this story goes and which parts of it are told first. My theory is that this is way of writing is just how Hawkeye would tell a story if he were not a fictional character. He'd be discussing something that happened, realized there was a different important part to his story that would make more sense if he quickly told that part, and then get back on track with the original story. I freaking love this comic series and I can't wait for more of them to come out. I have so much respect for these artists and writers and Little Hits is easily my favorite of the three Hawkeye comics so far. Good god. This might have been the greatest comic I’ve ever read. I think I liked this more than I did the first one. Which was also awesome. Like the first one, the art changes around. The single issue that is told with more traditional inks and colors stands out like a sore thumb. And was by far my least favorite of the 6 issues collected here. That is weird to me. But shows how important the art has to be in order for the overall story to work. I don’t want to risk bursting the illusion of brilliance that was created here by examining things too much, but if the whole series were done that way (deeper blacks, bolder colors, etc) I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the collection anywhere near as much. And why I say that is weird is because there isn’t much about the art (in the parts that I love) that sticks out as exceptional to me. It just works. Perfectly. And in this book, you get Hawkeye getting into a Three’s Company sort of mixup with the ladies in his life – except he gets to have sex with them, unlike poor Jack, who doesn’t. He and Tony Stark spend forever trying to untangle the mess of wires in his home entertainment system, which leads to unending hilarity. In all, this is the most charming comic in the world, ever. I home there is a hundred of these, because I’ll read them as long as they put them out with this level of quality. Well done, everyone involved. I tip my hat to you in appreciation. Oh, I also understand I’m putting myself out there a bit when I mention this is the crème de la crème of comics. What the entire industry has been building towards for the last 80 years. But if you read this based on my recommendation, and you end up not liking it. Well, too bad. But that isn’t on me, that’s on you. So don’t blame me for your problems. Just get your shit together.

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This Hawkeye, well these Hawkeyes actually, are just delightful from beginning to end.

More like a 3.4... But not good enough for 4 stars. Still a fun read though.

So good that I'm probably buying Volume 3 today.

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