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Ombre E Tentazioni (2012)

Ombre e tentazioni (2012)

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Harlequin Mondadori, Passion

About book Ombre E Tentazioni (2012)

I thought the mystery aspect of the plot was interesting. I liked Elizabeth - she was a strong character who didn't let her blindness turn her into an invalid, and anyone who tried to treat her as one was firmly taken to task.Iain Sinclair, though - I'm sorry, but this guy was an alpha JERK. He ignored Elizabeth's rejection and her feelings, and forced himself on her by pulling down the top of her dress and coping a feel on both sides of the equator (if you catch my drift), rationalizing (if you can call it that) that "her body responds to me, so she really wants it, no matter what her mouth says". NO, JERKFACE. When a woman says NO, she means NO, and you'd better back off and quit acting like you know her better than she knows herself.After that (yes, there's more), Iain semi-bullies her into sleeping with him, then gets roaring rageful when she practices coitus interuptus because he's not using "French letters" and she doesn't want to be left pregnant when he tires of her again. He gets his O, but storms off in a hissy fit, leaving Elizabeth's needs unfulfilled. And - get this - he thinks she should be "honored" for him to "give her his seed", is miffed because she doesn't want it, and he also blames his storming off and her missing O on HER.The plot afterward felt rather choppy, but all the heart-felt, tearful declarations of forever love at the end couldn't redeem the Alphole behavior displayed by our "hero" earlier on. This is the third book in the Brethren Guardian series. The last one ended in a cliff hanger which unfortunately this one did not begin from.Instead this one repeats chapters from the second book although from a different character POV. Maybe she did this for the Jenny Come Latelys who may not have read the previous books. These chapters are interspersed with some new erotic ones. I was still bored as the chapters from the previous book continued 3/4th of the way through. Fnally about then I came to chapters I hadn't read. The last 1/4th of the book finally continued from the cliff hanger in the previous book which I thought may as well have been attached to the 2nd book giving Ms Featherstone's fans far less to wade through in this one!

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I'm sad and depressed because it doesn't come out until June.....

A good conclusion. I definitely enjoyed this series.

The covers for this series are so pretty **sigh**

Really June I don't know if I can bare it

Review pending...

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