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On Christmas Eve (2006)

On Christmas Eve (2006)
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On Christmas Eve (2006)
On Christmas Eve (2006)

About book: On Christmas Eve by Ann M. Martin is a holiday novel revealing the true effects of what Christmas magic can do for someone. The novel starts out with eight-year-old Tess who has decided that this year she is actually going to meet Santa this year. Tess is determined to meet Santa for two reasons; one being that Santa has brought her all these amazing gifts over the past eight years that now it is her turn to thank him and return the favor, the other reason being that Tess' best friend Sarah's father is ill and in the hospital. Tess plans to tell Santa and have Santa work his Christmas magic to bring Sarah's father home.Ann M. Martin's purpose in writing On Christmas Eve was to entertain and inspire readers. She wanted to tell a beautiful story for readers to enjoy and she wanted to inspire her readers to feel like they were part of the story by never losing hope during the story. Martin had a way of making her readers feel like they belonged in the story.The theme of On Christmas Eve is exactly what Martin had intended for it to be, which is to never lose hope. Even though throughout the novel, Sarah's father continued to become more ill and weaker, nobody in the novel for even a second gave up on him or even thought that he was not going to be okay. In life you have to do the same. You have to think positive and believe that everything will be alright, and through this novel, that is exactly what Martin showed us.On Christmas Eve is written in a descriptive narration style. Martin tells the story through a series of events in chronological order that make you feel like your experiencing the story first hand. Again, the way Martin makes her readers feel like they are a part of the story inspires them to be better. It is a one of kind heart-warming novel.I would strongly recommend this book to anybody looking for a good book throughout the holiday season or to anybody just looking for a good book to inspire you. I liked the way that Martin organized the book and the wide vocabulary she used. I would not change a thing.

SCHOLASTIC level?I bought this book in Kentucky!Jan 23 30 minJan 25 30 minJan 27 10 min 7words Chiristmas night present friend magic Santa Claus hopeQuestion1 What do you want to get as a Chiristmas present?Well...There are many things which I want to get.Especially, I want to get flight tickets to go to Kentucky.Recently, I want to go back to Kentucky because I miss my friends.Also I want to study English but I do not have time.To pass exams for becoming teachers, I have to study another subjects.2 Do you have any plans on this Chiristmas eve?Of course, I hope I can pass I will date with someone who has strong muscles.orI will hang out with DELT gilrs as a usual.noteWhen I read this book, I can not wait Chiristmas.I could not spend on Chiristmas in America, so I want to spend on Chirsitmas in America.When I heard "Chiristmas magic" from this book, I got warm.
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I got this from Scholastic books for my 8 year old to read since it had good reviews on Amazon. She read it and loved it and she insisted I read it. So I took her advice. It was a great read! The book develops great characters (for the younger crowd), teaches that even with the magic of Christmas not everything is possible (life is not fair concept) and brings a lovely spirit of Christmas into your heart as you read. I highly recommend it for 3-5 graders and if you are a parent, or emotional like me, you may need tissues.
This was a good book. A quick read about a girl, her friend and belief in magic and Santa. I liked the message that this book gave about Christmas being about hope. I also liked the advice given to Tessa about being a support to a friend in need. This would be a good book to read if you or a loved one is going through an illness or death in the family.
Cute chapter book that my kids and I enjoyed together. They are really into anything Santa right now! They really liked how the family pet could talk on Christmas Eve. I keep hearing my daughter talking about this book with her friends, so it must be on her mind. In the story, Tess stays up and meets Santa, gives him a gift and asks him hard-hitting questions. Like why some poor families get no gifts, or why Santa can't give everyone the one Christmas wish/miracle that they really want. Good questions for those older kids that have been thinking though the whole Santa situation and wondering about these types of conundrums.
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