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On The Noodle Road: From Beijing To Rome, With Love And Pasta (2013)

On the Noodle Road: From Beijing to Rome, with Love and Pasta (2013)

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159448726X (ISBN13: 9781594487262)
Riverhead Hardcover

About book On The Noodle Road: From Beijing To Rome, With Love And Pasta (2013)

Meh. A little initial background into the history (and pre-history) of the noodle and then non-existent afterwards. In fact, very little discussion or focus on the actual "noodle road" and noodle-y examples per se. She comes across (both in her writing, lack of research, and general attitude) as lazy and spoiled. I kept asking "Who cares?" If i pick up a book about noodles and relationships, I want to read about noodles and relationships. Not just what an author decides to jot down to fill in the space between bratty behavior toward her husband and her latest foodie fix in an attempt to tie everything to the title. It began well, and I had high hopes, but the vast majority of the book felt like an afterthought to a travel diary. I started this book because I love pasta, and the idea of trailing it from China to Italy along the Silk Route used by ancient traders was fascinating and fun. I loved this book because it tied together the struggle of women around the world to attain respect and independence without forfeiting the important life goals that we would also like to enjoy - a life mate, and children. Is it possible to have it all? Is this a war between the sexes fought by every generation of women? Is this a battle our daughters will finally achieve? there are no answers to life's questions, but we can be assured that pasta and bread will make life worth living, all across the world.

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We still don't know who discovered the noodle. This disappoints me. More complete review to come

Way too much about her marriage, not enough about the noodles.

Loved the recipes in this!

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