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On The Record (2014)

On the Record (2014)
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Montlake Romance
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On The Record (2014)
On The Record (2014)

About book: I don't know if the book is actually long or it's just so weirdly written that you can't get through it. I could have gone without this whole book in the series honestly and the way things kept ALMOST happening and then didn't, there was no real plot in it for me. I do give props because damn BRADY maxwell, he is the sole purpose I even kept reading. Shout out to the author for writing such an amazing man!!!! Rating: rounding up to 5-stars!this book picks up after the November election, and finds both Liz and Brady going their separate ways. They attempt to continue their lives without each other, but it becomes increasingly difficult. I cannot lie: this was such a roller coaster for me. I had so many emotions regarding Liz and Brady's lives (hence, why it earned the 5-stars). Liz goes through so much personal drama, I just wanted to reach out and hug her at times, but I also wanted to slap her at times. Her "Jersey Shore" roommate, Victoria, continues to be a source of laughter and support for Liz (and me too). She actually surprised me a little when push came to shove (in a good way). Hayden -- I have no words for Hayden. And then there is Brady, always hard to figure out, always making the hard decisions and sticking with them. I definitely wanted to slap him - often. I really did love this book. I was so captivated with where this was going, I read until the words began to blur on the page. I am SO excited to start the last book.
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4.5 I couldn't put this book down stars!!!
Frustrating and really good!
So good! Onto the last book!
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