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On The Seventh Day (2013)

On the Seventh Day (2013)
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On The Seventh Day (2013)
On The Seventh Day (2013)

About book: This novel amazed me. I read T.D. Jakes other books even in this series but do not recall it laced with profanity. There are several words used in dialogue or thought process in italics; and I saw the movie first before reading the novel which actually followed very well via book to movie. Blair Underwood is not only a great actor but super sexy still! I really loved the movie and wanted to read the book, which was pretty decent aside from the cursing. I thought reading T.D. Jakes, I would be okay to read without worrying about anything like profane language used to be relatable to the characters (as most authors make this excuse). Yet, I do know that we are not perfect even as believers of Jesus Christ. Moreover, I didn't really experience the churchgoing thingy concept until page 281 (towards the end section in the seventh day sub-chapters). The writing style was mediocre for me, and in some cases, more telling and making assumptions (or drawing to your own conclusions early on). I've enjoyed other books by T.D. Jakes such as nonfiction as well as past novels. However, this was a good read and finished in three readings!Overall, I do like the compelling storyline about how believers are not perfect and hide behind their education, intellect, or even classy neighborhoods thinking this will protect them from predators. Then, both married couples have deceitful secrets that came to the light! The whole time, you are praying for the innocent life in this web of deception--safe and sound. Can this couple get it right after this dreadful seven nights?Adrienna TurnerAuthor of "God is in the Equation" What’s Done in the DarkFrom the outside looking in, David and Kari Ames seem to have a solid marriage and loving family. Their world is shattered when their daughter, four-year-old Mikayla, is kidnapped. As the days pass, the investigation in the kidnapping progresses, stress, pain and anxiety make way for skeletons from the past to fall out of David and Kari’s respective closets and things and people are not as they seem.T.D. Jakes has done it again. Though I was not in love with the idea of the story revolving around the kidnapping of a child – every parent’s worst nightmare – I thoroughly enjoyed “On the Seventh Day.” Faith and forgiveness are central themes. Add to that a compelling and suspenseful story and you have a good read that I recommend to others.Reviewed by: Marcella
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Quick, easy read. Finished it in one sitting with a good cup of coffee at BN.
Mildly surprised with the ending.
Really good book!!
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