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Once Bitten, Forever Burned (2000)

Once Bitten, Forever Burned (2000)

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About book Once Bitten, Forever Burned (2000)

Once Bitten, Forever Burned is an anthology involving two stories by two different authors. These two stories deals with forbidden love between a vampire and a werewolf and their struggles to be together. The first of the anthology is Devon's Redemption by Eve Langlais and the second story is Cruz's Salvation by Stacey Kennedy. As you read these short stories you can see a connection between the two, but they can very well be stand alone reads. Goodreads provided a thorough summary description for both stories so I won't regurgitate it.Devon's Redemption was a very emotional read, yet it had its sexy moments. This story is darker compared to Cruz's Salvation as it deals with physical abuse and mentions of rape. My heart just broke for Bethany throughout the story; she was truly a tortured heroine as her life was made into a living hell by her maker. But rest assured she does get her revenge and a HEA with her man, Devon. The second short story, Cruz's Salvation was probably my favorite out of the two. It was hot, action-packed, and well-written. Cruz and Kiara's story was truly a paranormal spin of the classic Romeo and Juliet tale. Cruz is the Vampire and Kiara is the daughter of the Alpha. Both are fiercely in love, but are forbidden to be together and so their secret love affair begins. However, rest assured that these two lovers did not have a tragic ending except for a happily ever after.Overall, I applaud both of these authors on two stories well-written. The characters were well-developed in both stories as well as the plot and storyline. The pace for both was good the the stories flowed smoothly. They were both entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of them. With that said, I would highly recommend this anthology for those looking for a good and sexy read to occupy their time. Devon's RedemptionThis story had quite a twist. Soldiers, Veterinarians, Werewolves & Vampires. I'm kind of weak when it comes to Abusive Werewolf Alphas. I like my werewolves good & sexy, not evil and ugly. So I didn't enjoy this part of the story. But I did like Devon & Bethany. The tenderness and love he felt for her radiated off the page. The yummy sexy times weren't too shabby either. Cruz's SalvationWerewolf meets Vampire. Life is never the same. No werewolf can live up to what Kiara envisions life would be like with Cruz. But there is no way that will happen easily. Cruz won me over immediately. He refused to take Kiara's virginity till he could have her forever. This set up some yummy giving moments by our sensitive vampire. Why Buy the Cow? FREE Ebook Challenge downloaded @ B&N 7/28/2012

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Very dark for a Langlais book. It was both disappointing and uninteresting.

Full review to come

Cute stories.


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