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Once Escándalos Para Enamorar A Un Duque (2013)

Once escándalos para enamorar a un duque (2013)

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About book Once Escándalos Para Enamorar A Un Duque (2013)

This book was quite fun! Granted sometimes it was frustrating because of the characters thoughts and actions but overall I thought it was quite enchanting. Daring a frozen duke like Simon to two weeks of convincing that he can't live in this world without a little fire, Juliana more than won the wager - she lives it. Although I do have to admit it was slightly predictable it wasn't in a bad way. Bravo! The mark of a truly good historical romance writer is their ability to transcend time, by making the reader forget there is any difference and transporting us backward without any awkward leaps. Sarah MacLean is a master at this. After a friend recommended Nine Rules to Break I quickly became obsessed with this author and zoomed through Ten Ways to be Adored, which I loved equally as much. Eleven Scandals was the book that truly spoke to my heart. Juliana and Simon's story jumped off of the pages with fire and humor. I found myself mortified, incensed and in love when she was. It seems rare for an author to draw me in more as a series goes along and I am anxiously awaiting a fourth book in this installment.

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I just absolutely love this series. I'm sure I will re-read many times!

This book is too wonderful for words! Sigh.

Love Leighton and Juliana

3.5-4 stars


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