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Once In A Full Moon (2010)

Once in a Full Moon (2010)

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006198650X (ISBN13: 9780061986505)
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About book Once In A Full Moon (2010)

I luved it! It was ah-mazing. I NEED to read the next one.*MILD SPOILERS*About the main characters-Celeste-She was a great character and played the part of the loving girlfriend well. Though, it was kinda unrealistic when she doesn't freak out when Brandon (blanks) a (blank).-Complicated person, kind-hearted, funny, and light.Brandon-Swoon! He is such a great boyfriend for Celeste. He was WAY better than that (Blank) guy.-He is very nice, and is sooooo sweet. Nash-A stupid idiot.-A stupid boyfriend.-A stupid friend.-Just plain stupid. (And idiotic.)-I hate him. He is such a jerk and a butt-hole. I really don't know why the Heidi girl likes HIM!-When he (blanks) a (Blank), I thought he deserved it. Serves him right for being such a jerk to Celeste.-Very self-centered.The plot was very thought out. Like I said, I LOVED it! I read this book a while ago so I'll do this review from what I remember of the bookIt wasn't unexpected to find that another one of Ellen's books would make me laugh out loud in the most inappropriate moments. The characters however, weren't repeats of people we'd already met in some of her other series, they were all brand new (expect her boyfriend {nate?} who sort of reminded me of Ravens enemy {from Vampire Kisses} but not in a way that bugged me) and I enjoyed getting to know these characters. I did feel more tense in the story then some of her other books as I was constantly worried if the secret would get out. I flew through this book reasonably quickly (especially considering I read the entire thing aloud to my younger sibling) and I would definitely recommend this book for those around eleven-ish who enjoy fantasy or maybe even those who don't.

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A little cheesey, but still really fun and mysterious. Definitely want to see where this story goes.

This was the first book I read that made me want to read more...

Damm It!!!!! it was the cover that lured me in!!

it was ok


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