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Once Perfect (2014)

Once Perfect (2014)

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You know that moment when you start a book by a new author ( new for you) feeling skeptical, because you don't know what to expect? You start reading it being all like: oh, I'm just going to read a few pages just to give it a try ( thinking that if you don't like it you'll just read it later) but after one hour you're still reading, because the book is so awesome you can't put it down! This is exactly what happened to me with this book, I wasn't so sure about it, but then I realised I'm not able to put it down! Although it doesn't have an uncommon plot, you don't feel bored because you feel like you've read it before, if you know what I mean. You can't help it but be hooked with the storyline and the characters. What I really liked was the development of each character, you could see their different personalities, even if there were lots of them. Loved the heroine so much, even if at the beginning she seemed to be a snob, she's not she is just hurting and in fact she is really good and strong. Now let's talk about the hero!!! Maaaan, the hero! I must warn you that you'll fall in love with him sooo hard. I blame this type of hero for my high expectations of men in real life! He is a dream man. Hot, strong, a getleman with a wonderful heart, courageous, he cares for the ones he love. He is a fantasy, that's what he is!This is a story about damaged people who find care and love in each other's arms! I'm not going to tell you anything else, you just have to READ THIS PEOPLE!!!! You will not regret it, of that I am sure! Thanks netgalley for a free read in exchange for a review. I enjoyed this book, and I think Mateo makes a really great book boyfriend.....what a hottie! Sometimes being down on your luck lets you experience the world in a better focus. Having to work as a waitress seemed to really ground Malibu, as she worked for her nursing degree. Finding a man who cracks head for a living can be a bit daunting especially if he's been to prison for it. The chemistry works though, even though at times you would never think they'd never finally get together, and the author sets the stage for the next two books. I'm especially interested in Killians story, but Brody is up next. The story drew me in and overall entertainment was four stars.

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I very much liked the kindness and patience of Mateo. Very well drawn character

I enjoyed this book. It dragged during some parts but overall a good read.

So bad....


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