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Once Upon A Time Renaissance (2013)

Once Upon a Time Renaissance (2013)

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Michel Lafon

About book Once Upon A Time Renaissance (2013)

I tried, I really did, but this is basically just a novelization of the script for the pilot. Granted, it could be more than that, but that's as far as I got. I adore the show, but I can easily watch the first season in Netflix instead of reading it from the library. I was hoping that this was going to be a companion to the show more than anything and give us extra insight as the reader that we didn't get while watching. A sad disappointment. It was an enjoyable book, as a fan of the show. I would not recommend reading it if you've never seen the show, though, because I can say for certain that you'll be confused. Watch the show first, and you will appreciate it much more.It's basically a recap of the first season. The chapters are given the same titles as the episodes, and each one is quick and simple, ignoring the flowery details and emotions and getting straight to the point. I personally didn't care for the writing, as it was too simple for my taste, written much like a fanfiction. I would have liked to get more emotions from the characters and to see things from another POV other than Emma's. Because it was written from her perspective, the back stories of the Fairy Tale Land characters were squeezed into the story at odd times, and they seemed to be quick and boring, as if the author didn't really want them there, but had no choice.All in all, I thought the writing was quick and rather boring. The characters seemed flat and emotionless, and I would've liked to see more from the Fairy Tale Land. But, as I said, a fan of show will probably appreciate it anyway, already knowing the characters well enough.

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love the show! love the book! wonder if they will publish another one!?

love the TV show and the book!!!

very good book!!!!!!!

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