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One Bite With A Stranger (2008)

One Bite With A Stranger (2008)

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About book One Bite With A Stranger (2008)

This book wasn't what I expected at all. And the really crazy thing was that I started out liking it. There was humor, the author had a funny way of describing things, and used humorous phrases and things that had me entertained. Regina was the shy one of the lot, believed in monogamous relationships, and didn't want to be fixed up or admit her sexual fantasies. Normally I would like someone like this, because that's how I am, but Regina very quickly shaped up to be unlikable, and when you don't like the female lead, you don't like the book. Her friends very quickly got on my nerves and there were too many different personalities going and it felt forced and just too much for me to take. Ava in particular got on my nerves, what with forcing sex the hardest, even though all of Regina's friends were forcing her to have a one-night stand with a stranger and didn't respect her saying no. How sleazy. The concept was definitely original, that's all I can really say about it. Their ideas were fun in a role playing, sexual kind of way, but when you don't go for non-selective, non-monogamous sex with total strangers then you can't really like the concept. Regina lets herself get persuaded to do it because her friends, who have been enjoying no strings attached sex multiple times, refuse to let her back out. They go to a club and that's where she meets Dmitri, or should I say Misha because 99.9% of the time that was what he was called him during the book. I didn't like the word, the pronunciation, the hundreds of times it was used, and I just kept getting frustrated and wished she would call him Dmitri. But no, the dutiful, obedient little Regina did as she was commanded and called him the endearment.The author seemed to be taking a stab at Christine Feehan and other authors who had their own male vampires be in danger of turning evil by making a pointed comment like they weren't evil in life so there was no chance of him turning evil as the undead. I didn't care for that "new spin" because the book went on to copy Christine Feehan in a million ways. It was a Christine Feehan knockoff, and I don't like reading authors that copy others but seem to think they aren't. This was not a bad start to a series, although not what I was expecting. It made more sense when I found out it started life as a novella for Ellora's cave. For that, it was actually very well done. For an actual book, though, it wasn't as well done. Not that the sex scenes bother me, although BDSM is not my thing. It was the heroine. I really dislike wimpy heroines. And giving in to her submissive trip in the bedroom was not where she wimped out. More the way she gave in to pressure from friends to do something she had no desire to do. If this was an erotic novella that would have been fine...but for a PNR heroine? Not so much. Still, the story was pretty good, and I can see hints of a world that shows promise, so I'll keep going.

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There was a sneak peek ofthe next in the series.Im off now to find it

I don't like Regina's friends. They're nosy bossy bitches.

Found another great book absolutely loved it

yuck. bad really bad .

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