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One Dance With A Duke (2010)

One Dance with a Duke (2010)

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I rate this book 3. I would have given it a 4 but the heroine's blatant blindness and devotion to the wrong man just brought it down for me. I get it, Spencer seems more devoted to his horses but actions speak louder. Despite his words, he was a romantic and I felt sympathetic towards him. Despite her supposed care, I found her to be lacking in empathy towards her own husband while she devotes all to her wastrel of a brother. She was way too stubborn and could not see her devotion hurt him more. All the while, she drove a wedge between herself and Spencer. Despite her words of love, I found her unconvincing because of her actions. She married him because she needed to save her brother so I don't know where she gets off accusing Spencer of JUST arranging things to get his horse. It is easy to insult people while one overlooks one's actions. I think he deserved better because despite his uncaring words, his actions spoke more volume. It was irritating to witness Spencer deal with the real world while she let him take all the responsibility. What has she done or contributed to the marriage? The way I saw it, he was the one vulnerable. I liked the beginning though. I like reading about spinster romances because more often than not, they are more unconventional. They have a story to them. However, the more I read on, the less it got interesting and it just became the Jack-can-do-no-wrong story. His devotion to her also got a bit old. I was sorely disappointed when Claudia suggested that he grovel. It reminded me a bit too much of Kresley's Shadow's Claim, which was complete bollocks in my opinion. Anyways, the story is about Spencer and Amelia. Spencer is an avid horse trainer and to save his mare, he tries to acquire an exclusive stallion (only for token holders to a club). The brutal and aggressive manner in which he came to acquire the tokens was really funny considering it was only for a stallion. The reason why it was so important was later revealed, which was Juno, an abused mare that he tries to save but later have to end up killing. This fueled my anger towards Amelia and Jack. Granted, it was Claudia who concocted the plan, but Jack was a grown man. The way I saw it, Spencer came out in the negative. Anyways, when one member turns up dead, suspicion is placed on Spencer, who in his forceful acquisition could possibly deem to murder a man for a token. Spencer proposed marriage to Amelia. Amelia gets money to save Jack and he gets an heir. Amelia tries to protect her heart and finds every fault in him to do so. SPencer becomes frustrated that he always comes last in her affections. Amelia protects Jack one more time, and Spencer is proven right when Jack attempts to abscond with Claudia to gain her dowry. He later discovers that she is with child and stays in the castle to rest from the rain. Spencer sends Amelia an ultimatum and Amelia, once again, leaves Spencer. It started off so promisingly but the last half ruined it for me. I barely paid attention once he started lavishing affection on her. People keep saying that no one deserves Amelia. Well, Amelia does not deserve Spencer. This was a sweet, sensual, and heartwarming historical romance. Dare had me hooked from the beginning with her unique tale and ready wit. She throws some definite twists into the typical regency romance, making this an intensely pleasurable read. The author evokes emotions in her readers while giving them suspense and intrigue to riddle through. I also really appreciate the fact that Dare’s characters weren’t perfect, but rather were real individuals living real lives, even if they were from the upper rungs of society. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and it was a brilliant introduction to this author. I’d definitely recommend it to others and fully intend to read more of her work (and can’t wait to see what’s up next for The Stud Club).

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I like Tessa Dare's style. Can't wait for the next book!

This was cute. I enjoyed reading it.


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