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One Day It'll All Make Sense (2011)

One Day It'll All Make Sense (2011)
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One Day It'll All Make Sense (2011)
One Day It'll All Make Sense (2011)

About book: I chose this book this book because I looked at it and realized it was about Common and how he worked his way to becoming the famous man he is today. This is a story about how Common Sense went from his rough childhood to becoming a man with excellent talents. As he goes through his life he teaches and learns many moral lessons that are taught from others and are learned from himself. My favorite quote in this book is when Common says " He was the guy who influences the guy who influences the world.". This quote showed me that there are those he inspire the world, but there are those that inspire the ones that inspire the world. I think Common's way of writing his life story. I like how he tells personal things and puts letters from his mother in the book. I recommend this book to those who want to learn lessons that help those in one's life. Book of LifeYou may not know who Rashid Lonnie Lynn is, but if you've listened to the radio, saw a movie, or even watched television, you know him as Common, a rapper and actor from the Southside of Chicago. What many may not be aware of is that Common is more than rhymes and beats. An activist, son, father and friend, Common opens up about his life and the many challenges he's faced.Through personal letters, Common introduces the reader to his main topic. Then his mother, Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines, relives her side of this particular time in Common's life. In the end, Common uses what's gone on in his life and what he's learned through this time, what he's lost, and how he's grown. It's easy to not only see how his life was impacted, but you feel as if you're right there through the struggle.I really enjoyed ONE DAY IT'LL ALL MAKE SENSE. It’s no secret, I'm a huge fan of Common. I love that he's a fellow Chicagoan, he's humble and hardworking. This is definitely a book parents can share with their teens.Reviewed by: Crystal
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This book begins slowly, but I am a fan of Common and wanted a bit if insight on who he is
Good biography, a little too much religious but an interesting memoir from Common
great book. written from the soul.
I love him!
Good read!
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