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One Fine Fireman (2012)

One Fine Fireman (2012)
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One Fine Fireman (2012)
One Fine Fireman (2012)

About book: I purchased these Jennifer Bernard books on a whim and during an Amazon Daily Deals. I have yet to met (read) an Avon author I haven't loved. Add sexy firefighters and the cute dog on the cover, how could one go wrong? I was right! Devoured the first 3 before I realized I hadn't written a review. In this first installment, you meet all the men from San Gabriel's famous Station 1. Ms, Bernard has this incredible way of making you care for every character from the loud Norwegian owner of the diner, Ms. Gund, that Maribel works at to the lost dog (Z, Buddy, Stan, Hagrid) that brings everyone together. Maribel, a content fiance of a New York photographer (Duncan) living in San Gabriel raising her son while they wait to set a date for the wedding works at this quaint diner, Lazy Daisy grill, that is frequented by the infamous Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel. My goodness, they were like hand grenades of testosterone rolling in the door, sucking all the air out of the room. Maribel knew all the guys from Ryan to Vadar to... Kirk was back. The quiet Kirk walked into the grill that morning with the rest of the guys. Kirk had been gone for months now, and suddenly he was back and the effect he had on her was back also. "Eight words. Anyone have eight?""He said eight words. I had five. Anyone get closer than five?"The brotherhood that is shown so quickly in this book is what pulled me in as a reader. Even though the guys were giving Kirk (Thor) a hard time with his shyness around Maribel, they were encouraging and supportive. While joking with each other, you learn so much about each one. By the end of this book, I was cheering for the HEA you get with the main characters and daydreaming about what Jennifer will do with the rest of the bachelors. When he manages to put more than five words together around her, they are some good ones. Strong words filled with all the emotion you would desire from your true love. "You're so beautiful," he said in a whisper. Oddly, that statement seemed to confuse her. "You think I'm beautiful?""Why do you think I can never put two words together when I'm around you?"The struggle Maribel feels between her heart and what she thinks is best for her and her Harry Potter loving son, Pete is intense. As a mother, I understand her desire for the stability Duncan represents, but as a lover of burning (PUN intended) love - I see the attraction that doesn't disappear with Kirk. The journey to Maribel, Kirk and Pete's HEA was beautiful and full of trouble, bumps, unwanted people, some ditching school, a fire (of course) and Alaska. If you haven't given Ms. Bernard a chance yet, I suggest you pick up this quick (208 page) read and fall in love with the Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel. I know I did! I loved this one!!! Well I really like all the Bachelor Fireman books, but for some reason this one was stood out for me. Not sure what it was, but I could identify with the characters, both Thor and Maribel. I would have loved this to be a full length novel as the novella's don't give you enough character development. But this one was very well done and Ms. Bernard did a wonderful job of explaining what Maribel and Thor were feeling that you didn't fell like you had to fill in the pieces. So glad I bought this collection of stories, as it was well worth it!!
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Short. Sweet. Cute. I would read it again if I needed something quick and easy to read.
Great character development. I loved this guy.
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