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One For The Murphys (2012)

One for the Murphys (2012)

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0399256156 (ISBN13: 9780399256158)
Nancy Paulsen Books (Penguin Group for Young Readers (USA)

About book One For The Murphys (2012)

First off, read this book. Just do. There are so many things to say about this novel and what it does in its brief 224 pages. And those 224 pages? I whipped through them more quickly than normal thanks to Hunt's easy style.I was quickly caught up with and pulling for Carley. Hunt wrote in such a way that my heart ached for her, and longed for her to accept the Murphys. By the end, I cried. Though the character's age is young for my high schoolers, I can't imagine any of them not finding this worth their time - the message is just too good. Be someone's hero. I gave three star ,because Carley behave was so bad in first part.For ex;she's speaking with bad words&she have no friends because of that.AND they gave her to the foster family .Because of her family (her mother and her stepfather was drunk and when they r traveling they broke the car and police came and take Carley to foster family .And Carley was very upset this problem .When she came to the foster.She even did not speak with her foster family.Murphy family was big Mrs.Murphy has 3 kids they all boys and Carley is not like so warm with mrs Murphy boys so she waited until they stop her interrup her ANd when her mother healed she dont want her .But when she speak with her mother did her convinced.But end of the story as we can see Carley went with her mom .but Carley is not like first of the story

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A hard book to follow and had a pretty sad ending. 2 stars.

Interesting insight into a foster child's experience.

I loved this book so much I cried at the end though

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