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One Funeral (2014)

One Funeral (2014)
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0692023798 (ISBN13: 9780692023792)
Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion
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One Funeral (2014)
One Funeral (2014)

About book: Can two broken hearts find a reason to mend ?They met at an event both were working at. So it all started as business partners. Getting personal means opening up, but also -- knowing if they are ready to move on, each of them. So they can move into something much more. Starting with.... therapy and Non-dating! ?Cade was betrayed on bended knee, while Hannah was left at the altar. Now both of them have a reason to stop hiding their hearts-- because the chemistry between them deserves a fighting chance. I really liked No Weddings and Cade's point of view. I was a little disappointed that this one was in Hannah's point of view, but I was pleasantly surprised. Since we know what Cade is thinking up to this point, it is nice to know what is going on in Hannah's head. Cade continues to be patient and sweet. I was a little let down at the end of No Weddings with how little their relationship progressed, but I am getting used to the slow pace. It works for them. It is a slow burn but so worth it. I love the teasing banter between them. I can't wait for the next book. Can't get enough of these two.
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I am so excited to read it I really wished to have this book
She did it again! Review to come!
Loved.... HOT ending!!!!
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