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One More Chance - Befreit (2014)

One more Chance - Befreit (2014)
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One More Chance - Befreit (2014)
One More Chance - Befreit (2014)

About book: I was more than a bit apprehensive opening One More Chance - especially after liking but not loving Take a Chance - but still nonetheless keen to check in with Grant, Harlow and the Rosemary Beach crew. Turns out, I was more invested in their story than I thought, because I couldn't wait to get started...Grant Carter made the biggest mistake of his life when he let his girl, Harlow Manning, walk away from him. After overcoming her misgivings about his past - and his relationship with her awful sister, Nan - Grant let Harlow's secret tear them apart. Now, he's determined to fight for her; to show her that the trust she gave him wasn't misplaced.Harlow broke her own heart when she turned her back on Grant but, after he discovered what she'd been hiding, she wasn't sure they could, or should, make it work. Grant isn't giving up on them, however, and Harlow doesn't really want him to but... She has one more secret to reveal - one that could take her from him forever.I surprised myself with how eager I was to read the conclusion to Grant and Harlow's story. After having successfully navigated Take a Chance, and figuring out exactly who was related to whom - and asking a few questions to better understand the back-story I missed by skipping Woods and Rush's series - I felt I was better able to concentrate and enjoy this installment. And while I didn't fall over myself to complete it, I still found myself flipping pages and biting my lip in anticipation for their HEA.I liked the pacing of this book and the way the secondary characters rallied around their friends - it added heart that I fear may have been missing if it was just Harlow and Grant. The heaviness of the overall story was balanced nicely by the turnaround in Grant's personality - he was a far more likeable character on this outing - and I'll readily admit to welling up on more than one occasion (although no tears actually escaped).In the end, I was pleased with the way Harlow and Grant came together. I'm glad I picked up this series, even if I am unlikely to give it a repeat read. But...perhaps I should. Perhaps both books deserve One More Chance.One More Chance is seventh book in the Rosemary Beach series. It is not a standalone novel. No cliffhanger.~ Beth, 4 stars Este libro fue cursi. Predecible. Sin sentido en muchas ocasiones, y tan pelotudo. Pero por algún motivo no podía parar de leerlo, a pesar de y por todos esos motivos. El nivel de dramatismo cursi y predecible a lo largo de toda la historia alcanza niveles insospechables, pero supongo que de vez en cuando está bueno leer huevadas así. Lo que más rescato del libro es a Nan. Sigo pensando que es una forra, pero como personaje me parece el más interesante y rico para desarrollar. No justifico su actitud, pero sí creo que desde su lugar y punto de vista es justificable. Seguramente lea el libro en el que ella sea la protagonista.Y otra cosa zarpada en cursi, golpebajera y poco original fue lo de las cartas. Supuestamente la piba pensaba que tal vez se iba a morir, entonces a lo largo de todo el libro, ibas leyendo las cartas que ella le escribía a su hija y el novio, para que lea por si ella fallecía. Y era super denso y cursi porque uno como lector sabía que la protagonista no iba a morir. Y aparte me pareció muy copiado de Safe Haven de Nicholas Sparks, en el que la mujer de hecho fallece y sus cartas tienen sentido. Pero en éste caso que hacen con esas cartas pedorras? Las usan para hacerse un faso?
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This novel is simply amazing. Cried my eyes out. It's beautifully written ❤️
eh, feels like the same storyline. Hopefully Nans story will be better.
The Perfect ending to a perfect story.
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