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One Plus One (2014)

One Plus One (2014)

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0525426582 (ISBN13: 9780525426585)
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About book One Plus One (2014)

Jess is an ever optimistic woman who is broke, has two eccentric and brilliant kids and a deadbeat husband that took off to live with his mum two years ago. Her daughter Tanzie is truly a genius when it comes to maths and has been invited to compete in a Maths Olympiad where if she wins, she can go to the private school that can challenge her and Jess might be able to not panic about money every other second. Ed Nicholls is a wealthy computer software geek that is on the road to ruin as he passes Jess and her gaggle-including a ginormous dog named Norman, alongside the road. Nothing left to lose he offers to give them a ride to the Olympiad. I think, for me, that this was a book that had a couple of different purposes. There was a very strong romance angle for the book and I found myself wondering if Moyes needed a HEA after Me Before You. Then there was the multiple viewpoints-two of which were men that took away from the thought that the focus was on Jess. I liked it that way-I liked that there was growth from ALL of the characters. I am fast becoming addicted to the novels of Jojo Moyes. In this her most recent work, Ms. Moyes offers characters who are so realistically flawed, damaged, and just plain kicked to the curb that the most hardened and cynical among us can hardly help falling in love with them. A single mom, two quirkly kids, a pitiful ex-husband, and a troubled knight in rusty armor...Sounds cliched, I know! But, oh these characters! They make terrible mistakes, they wall in their feelings, and they hurt themselves and each other deeply. They shiver with fear and quake with anger and sob with grief. Their humanity is showing. But they love with ferocity and courage. Forgiving and rooting for them brings us a step closer to doing the same for ourselves.

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Heartwarming , funny with quirky believable characters. Lovely read.

good book, quick read, and very predictable but a good story

This book was amazing. No need to say more!

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