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One Salt Sea (2011)

One Salt Sea (2011)

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The best of the books so far. I enjoyed all of the books, but have been frustrated with Toby's lack of planning or introspection. Her planning doesn't get better but at least Tybalt starts doing it for her. We also finally get to see her relationships with those around her (Tybalt and Conner but also Lily's previous subjects) grow. Her way of solving the most recent problem actually follows some logic and follows the rules/guidelines of the world building instead of making up new rules on the fly (I realize thats supposed to be part of Faerie but some of it was way too Deus ex machina for me). So for those of you, who, like me, have been slightly disappointed by the books that seem to have so much potential, I encourage you not to give up and give this one a shot. Of course, I haven't read the 6th one yet but I liked this one. Just as good as the previous book. The character development is interesting, and her ragtag group of followers bring humor to the darker storylines. Quentin becomes more endearing with each novel, and the thought of him as an average teenager arguing in the car makes Faerie a little more relatable to readers. These books are creative and fast-paced, and really pull the reader in. The past few, I have not been able to put down once I got to the final third of the books, as I was so eager to find out the fate of the characters.

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Toby tries to avert a Fae war and changes her life in the process.

each book in this series just keeps getting better!!!!

4 1/2 stars

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