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One Tiny Secret (2013)

One Tiny Secret (2013)

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C.A. Kunz LLC

About book One Tiny Secret (2013)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading One Tiny Secret. I had actually started 3 different books, but this one was the one that 'grabbed' me. It had my attention from the start, and held it the whole way through. The characters were fantastic. I loved Dani, and I connected with her immediately. I loved her small, diverse group of friends. And Parker? Well he was an interesting love interest for Dani. I actually wanted to slap him around at times, until everything was explained, and then I loved him!One Tiny Secret has it all - action, suspense, horror and a love story. Adam Kunz's writing style was captivating. If you are looking for a great Halloween read, this is one to add to your list! Let me first say that I am only a quarter way thru this book, therefore my views may change completely. With that being said, I am struggling to get through it. I very rarely have this problem that it is quite frustrating. I'm not normally a person who picks up on grammatical or even many spelling errors while I read but am so very distracted by the inconsistent use of tenses, the unrealistic conversations and the adolescent writing style. I really wish I could believe that the style of writing has more to do with the YA audience the book is geared toward however I'm finding this difficult to believe the more I read. I hope after completing the book I can come back and edit my response in a more positive light.

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It kept me guessing. I figured out the male role in the secret but never guessed Phoebe.

You get a little bit of everything with this book. Loved it!

it was ok, it took a while to grab my attention

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