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Oorlogskind (2007)

Oorlogskind (2007)

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About book Oorlogskind (2007)

This is a very well written book. And the translator did one of the best jobs I've ever read in smoothing out what I consider the stilted rhythm of most Scandinavian-to-English translations.I highly recommend the book - however I can't give it a 5 overall because it didn't make me cry (where it should have because of the atrocities and the losses) nor did it make me sigh (the various relationships in various stages). It was interesting but not inspiring; well-written but not something I feel my life would have been less without.But I really am thankful for a well-written book. A very good but not great offering, and given the reviews I expected a bit more in terms of depth and atmosphere. The story and characters were both fine, though I did not find myself drawn too or overly enticed by the main characters. Actually, I found myself thinking of the secondary characters of Paula and Mellberg in the days after reading the book more than anything else. I suggest you save the last 70 to 100 pages for one reading since Läckberg draws all the strings together very fast and you will want to take it all in during one session. Everything was done well, but in all honesty will be reading a Nesbo, Rankin, or Neuhaus book before another Läckberg novel since I find their main protagonists more appealing.

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good not great like her previous books. maybe a lull in future books?

Continues my fascination with Scandinavian crime fiction.

A good story with a bit of a twist that is surprising.

Definitely kept my interest!

Fun read

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