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Organic Chemistry (2013)

Organic Chemistry (2013)

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1623804469 (ISBN13: 9781623804466)
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About book Organic Chemistry (2013)

Perhaps it’s because I studied university level chemistry and have been around lots of labs and lecturers, but the characters didn’t seem real and I didn’t relate to any of them. Any conflict was relatively easily (and conveniently) resolved, and there were so many (bad!) clichés I think I pulled a muscle rolling my eyes.The thing is, I usually quite like formulaic cliché fluff stories, so I think my main problem must have been with the writing. It was actually reasonably good, but at times it seemed to list what was happening in pointlessly minute detail. At first I thought it was because the character whose POV we seemed to be using (Brendan/”the nerd”) is supposed to be autistic. However, even when Brendan isn’t around and we’re focusing on Josh (aka “the jock”) the writing style stays the same, so I don’t really know whether that was supposed to serve some literary purpose or whether it was just filler.Anyway, it was OK. 2.5 stars. If you've ever picked up an Andrew Grey story, then you know what to expect, but every once in awhile, he surprises you. This was one of those moments for me. Brenden is absolutely adorable as the narrator. I loved how the story built on Brenden's social ineptitude without turning him into a caricature and Josh is the perfect counterpoint. It's not often you get something so lighthearted from Andrew Grey and I wholeheartedly recommend this one to any new and old fan...

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Fun, fluffy read. I had a couple of minor complaints, but on the whole I enjoyed the story.

I really liked this book. The characters were fantastic and the romance well done.

Love everything Andrew Grey writes. His books are romantic, fun and easy to read.

An adorable opposites attract book. Loved it.


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