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Os Diários Secretos (2007)

Os Diários Secretos (2007)

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About book Os Diários Secretos (2007)

The Hidden Child is a well plotted story about two connected crimes in the small coastal town of Fjällbacka, Sweden, one committed in 1945, the other in the present day. The tale has two particular strengths: a fairly intricate plot told from multiple perspectives that has depth, resonance, and attention to detail; and very nice and detailed characterisations, with in-depth back stories and interchanges. Indeed, the tale is as much a soap opera concerning the families of Erica Falck and Patrik Hedström, the small team of cops at the local police station, and the lives connected to the case as it is a crime tale. However, whilst a lot of this soap opera drama is interesting and engagingly told, much of it is somewhat surplus to requirements with respect to the main storyline (though I suspect some of it is pretty central to the series). The ending is a little telegraphed, especially as the number of viable candidate murderers is whittled down, but nonetheless Lackberg manages to spin out intrigue and nice reveals under the end. The result is a multi-threaded, well paced story that kept this reader turning the pages. Erica is working on a new book and her husband, Detective Patrik Hedstrom, is on paternity leave caring for their new daughter. Erica can't settle so is reading her mother's journals and following up on information she finds there, trying to get to know the mother who always kept her at arms length. One of her contacts meets a violent death, which draws her husband to investigate. What is just as interesting as the mystery is the humanness of the characters. We are privy to all sorts of day-to-day issues with the new baby, with the interplay between husband and wife, with the detectives working on the murder cases. This roundness makes for a smooth narrative and an engaging one.

Do You like book Os Diários Secretos (2007)?

Very good series and interesting info about Sweden where the series take place.

Wanted to like this book the subject matter was interesting.

slow, slow, slow....too many words but a promising mystery.

Good story, interesting plot. But the pace drags.

highly disappointed

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