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Ostrich Boys (2008)

Ostrich Boys (2008)
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0099456575 (ISBN13: 9780099456575)
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Ostrich Boys (2008)
Ostrich Boys (2008)

About book: This book is a very relatable book. Apart from where they grew up, the main characters have a relatable sense of friendship. They feel like they know their dead friend Ross better than anyone else, and with good reason, so when they go to his funeral and see Ross' bully, ex-girlfriend, and most hated teacher, they fell they need to take action. This relates to me on a personal scale because whenever I see one of my friends being bullied, I feel the need to take action. I read and write fantasy but occasionally step outside that genre to sample something else. On this occasion I was delighted to read the ‘Ostrich Boys’. Three boys steal the urn that contains the ashes of their best friend, called ‘Ross’ and flee north. They have decided to scatter his remains near the hamlet of ‘Ross’ in Scotland. It is a journey of self-discovery as they gradually lift their heads out of the sand. This is a book that you will never forget.
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Add this to my list of road trip books! Themes of friendship, guilt and loss.
It was great! Sucked me in and kept me there to the very last word!
Themes: how we sometimes disappoint peopledeath of a friend
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