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Out Of The Blackness (2013)

Out of the Blackness (2013)
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Out Of The Blackness (2013)
Out Of The Blackness (2013)

About book: I'm not sure if it was because I was comparing this book to 366 Days, but I just didn't really connect with the characters. I found myself skimming sone pages. Maybe if I had read this book before 366 days which is also about abuse, I mighace liked this one better. I don't think this was a bad book, but I do think it was all about Avery and what he needed. I realize that the book has to focus on his recovery in order for it to actually work, but there could have been a few other conflicts. I would say to read this book and form your own opinion. Avery Tucker suffers from PTSD, a result of a horrendous, traumatic childhood. It has left him with paralyzing difficulty when interacting with society. Avery is able to function on certain levels because of Sam, his brother. After Sam left the foster home that he and Avery shared, Sam came back for Avery. Sam has loved, protected Avery since they were very young. He feels safe with Sam, but his world is in a tailspin when Sam's romantic life takes off. If this isn't enough for Avery, he becomes the object of desire by young man named Noah Yates. No matter where he turns, Noah is there. Noah is bigger and stronger than Avery, which plays into his past trauma. But Noah is also, exceptionally kind, gentle and sweet toward Avery. He's everything that Avery needs, if only he could work through his past. The budding romance between Avery and Noah is so beautiful. This story at times overwhelmed me as much as it did Avery. Sometimes sad and painful, other times there is so much love that I was swept away. You will need some tissues, because yes, you will cry. I am thrilled that I discovered this book. I hope others will join in Avery's journey. I give it a millions stars and the closet to hold them. This book still echos in my mind, so much so that my two new adopted rats are Noah and Avery. Read this book, now!
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Very lovely. And...I am a KU grad too, so I was delighted to read about a bit of KU basketball.
The cover is so perfect for this. 4.5 stars
Such a sweet story with a beautiful ending!
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