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Packing For Mars: The Curious Science Of Life In The Void (2010)

Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void (2010)
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0393068471 (ISBN13: 9780393068474)
W. W. Norton & Company
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Packing For Mars: The Curious Science...
Packing For Mars: The Curious Science Of Life In The Void (2010)

About book: This is my favorite of the Mary Roach books that I've read. I love how well-researched and wide-reaching she is in her books. I love learning about space and it was great to read about how much effort and thought is involved with putting live beings (mostly people) in space for a long period of time.As always with Mary Roach, Packing for Mars is well-written, funny and well-researched (yeah, I know, reuse of a word. Boo). Mary Roach has created a book that will make anyone love nonfiction and the history of space. Packing for Mars the Curious Science of Life in the Void shows the reader what really goes on in the minds of NASA scientists and other space agencies.The book touches on some interesting topics of what animals did they used in space agencies tests for the first rockets. Also the history of scientists trying to figure out what zero gravity would be like and what the strains on the human body would be. There is even a chapter in the book explaining hygiene and how it drastically changed when in zero gravity. You will get an insight on how Japan’s space agencies JAXA chooses it’s astronauts. Overall the book is jammed packed with interesting and exciting information about the history of space and what they thought of. Some of it might surprise you.The person who I would recommend this book to is someone who is science orientated and and is curious about space and what happen in the history of it. Also someone who likes unusually surprises would like the book too.
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Road trip audio book--Mary Roach has a great and somewhat warped sense of humor.
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