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Palace Of Stone (2012)

Palace of Stone (2012)

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1599908735 (ISBN13: 9781599908731)
Bloomsbury USA

About book Palace Of Stone (2012)

I don't know about you people but this book is just as great as its predecessor.Taken, the plot had undergone a huge change. We are not anymore treated by an innocent mountain girl with a humble hope for her village. In this book, Miri had evolved to be an independent courageous woman.I considered her a role model for young girls to stand up and speak up what they think is right and be themselves.the main dilemma is not anymore to be chosen as princess but on a more serious topic about revolution.Plus, In this book, I got to learn more about ethics. (I mean in school, it was just a definition to memorize and not something we tackled thoroughly)E.g.In a burning building, what would you choose to save, a confessed murderer of a child chained in a dungeon or a beautiful and irreplaceable painting? If you save the murderer, he will not harm you but will live the remainder of his life in another prison, and the painting will burn. If you save the painting, the man will burn. Which would you choose—the murderer or the painting?For me, I'd save the man. I mean he, is horrible and he deserves what he got, but then, do I have the power to judge what should and should not be done to him? Do I have the right to kill him in the first place? Isn't leaving him meant killing him? Would that make me a killer also?I know, he is a killer and worst, of a child.. But then, we don't know what's his reason behind it (if he's not a psycho).But the painting? Well it might be one of the works of Michaelangelo and it might yet inspire many more generations to come but then, does it worth to have the man, a terrible man to lose his life??Which is the lesser evil???[Headaches!!!] I don't know what's the best thing to do but all I know is that, I'm many things, but I'm no killer especially if it is something I could prevent. (Ha!)Before I end this, let me just say that I'm truly in favor of Miri with Peder. I was downhearted when Miri started getting acquainted with Timon while Peder barely registered Miri's presence. For a moment, I thought, Miri might end up overwhelmed with Timon's sweet talks. I mean, it seems logical since Miri started getting doubt whether to leaved the mountain for good and Timon's offer of change is tempting.I was relieved when everything seemed to fall back in their right places towards the end.Goodness!! I love this book to the core.. This book reminds us of what Hale does well--she's an impressive writer and storyteller. This one is first rate. Even though it has been a while since I read the first book, Hale skillfully drew me back into the story and had me routing for Miri and her new life in the city, without her losing her sense of home and old friends. At one point Miri comments that it is "such a luxury to be awake while the sun slept, and then to ignore dawn and sleep while the world lightened. I'm an Aslandian now, Miri thought. I'm richer than morning." What a beautiful thought--to be richer than morning.

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BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!! It is now my favorite book.

Better than the first, I really liked this one.

This is such a great series! Read it!

Great book but #1 was BEST EVER

Review later? Maybe?

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