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Palpasa Cafe (2005)

Palpasa Cafe (2005)
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Palpasa Cafe (2005)
Palpasa Cafe (2005)

About book: कथा राम्रो हो, मनपर्यो तर लेखन शैली पट्क्कै राम्रो होईन । कथा पढदा चख लाग्दो छ, पत्रकारको लेखनीबाट आएको हुनाले यथार्थपरक् छ तर लेखक्‌ले कथालाई कुनै ठाँउमा अलि बढि कृत्रिम नाट्कीय रूप दिएकोले कता कता कथालाई नै बिगारेको जस्तो देखिन्छ । Maybe the translation is just boggy (if I look a the errors in it, it's not hard imagine the style must have suffered a bit as well), or maybe it's just because it's a first attempt at writing novels, but I didn't really enjoy reading this book.As I've mentioned before, I have the feeling Nepali novelists have a hard time choosing between writing a novel and expressing their feeling on the (political) evolutions in their country. As this one's written by a journalist I'd advise him to do a few more exercises in style before publishing another book. Not only did I get the feeling the protagonist's point of view (continuously) shifted from the writer's point of view to that of the protagonist, but on top of that it seems like essential parts of the story are missing. I think the aspirations of the writer/the book are to high: it wants to be a love story, a political novel, a thriller, a biographical novel and because of this lack of definition it fails at all his goals. (I'm not saying you can't combine all these in one book, I'm just saying it takes a hell of a lot of skill to write such a book)
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