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Pandora's Star (2004)

Pandora's Star (2004)
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Pandora's Star (2004)
Pandora's Star (2004)

About book: I've read other stand alone novels in the Commonwealth Saga (there are 7 total, with an 8th on the way) and I absolutely love the universe Peter Hamilton has created. This is the first of the saga, not counting a prequel that doesn't even need to be read to follow the timeline. Hamilton's writing, to me, is just superb. I really dig his style, his characters, planets and story settings (there are tons of locations) and the climaxes of his novels are truly suspenseful. This novel, like all his others, is now my new favorite. Can't wait to read the next one! This is the first in Peter Hamilton's five volume Intersolar Commonwealth series. Like every other Hamilton book I have read it is a very carefully developed and well written story. Hamilton does a masterful job if weaving together many seemingly unrelated plot lines towards a powerful climax combing galaxy wide intrigue and war against a seemingly unstoppable alien civilization. As always, one of the things that really adds to Hamilton's books for me is the amazing science he dreams up and the creativity he shows in his alien species. Hamilton also excels at character development; he does not skimp or try to hurry through this phase of his writing, but takes the time to lay down background and build a character in which the reader is interested. I highly recommend Peter Hamilton to anyone who enjoys well written science fiction.
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Actually it's a DNF. I kept falling asleep on the unnecessary details until finally I gave up.
Excellent start to a new series from one of the masters of Sci-fi.
Gave up.
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