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Paper Rose (2004)

Paper Rose (2004)
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Paper Rose (2004)
Paper Rose (2004)

About book: Cecily Petersen fell in love with Native American Tate Winthrop at the tender age of 17. But Tate only saw her as a pesky little sister figure. After the death of her mother as a minor, Cecily had to continue living with her only relative, an abusive step-father, and she hated every second of it. That is, until one day, while delivering feed to Tate at his ranch, he sees bruises on her chest and demands to know what happened. After Tate is told about the abuse, he moves Cecily in with his mother on the local reservation. Because Cecily dreams of becoming an Archeologist, Tate then goes on to secretly pay for her college tuition out of state. Tate suspects Cecily's feeling for him, but makes it clear to her that because he is 100% Lakota Native and she is Caucasian, he will never be able to have children with her or marry her. At first Cecily doesn't understand why, because love is love, but Tate explains that there are so few full blooded Native people anymore, he feels a responsibility to marry and have children with a woman that is a full blooded Native.Later, when Cecily is in her middle twenties and is in graduate school, Tate's on and off 'girlfriend,' Audrey, tells Cecily that Tate has been paying for her to go to college and apartment. Cecily becomes livid and drops out of graduate school, until she can afford to pay for it herself. She then moves into a cheaper apartment and takes a full time job as a Curator for a local museum. Much to Tate's dismay, Cecily also develops a friendship with Tate's friend, and 'ex-mercenary', Colby Lane.Between the love triangle going on between Colby, Cecily, and Cecily and Tate, and Tate and Audrey, a political scandal involving Tate's archenemy and local politician, and an investigation into an illegal gambling casino being run back in Tate's hometown reservation, this book is filled with lots of love, intrigue and scandal. Will Tate come to love Cecily before it's too late? Will Tate come to accept the secret that his mother kept from him from birth?Paper Rose is one of my favourite Diana Palmer books and I have re-read it several different times. As a racially mixed Native, I enjoy that she writes about Native American characters and includes history concerning various Native tribes.

It's your typical Palmer hero in love with the younger heroine. At least this time, there's only a 10 year age difference. Tate, a pure blooded Lakota (former fed/mercenary now head of security for an international company) denies his love for Cecily, a young Anglo woman. He knows that she's loved him since she was 17 when he saved her from her abusive stepfather. Since she's under his protection, he feels that he'd be taking advantage of her so he tells her that he'd only marry a pure blooded Lakota. He moves her to DC where she can study archeology & he can watch over her. Eight years later, she's still nursing her unrequited love while he keeps her at a distance with a succession of beautiful women. Cecily discovers that Tate has been footing her bills thanks to his current GF so Cecily throws a tureen of crab bisque at him during a black tie event attracting press coverage. Cecily's had it with Tate & his protection & is determined to be independent. She's good friends with Colby Lane, another Native American (a mercenary friend of Tate's) who's grieving for his wife, who left him for another man. Colby's presence in Cecily's life provides the tension that gets Tate's blood boiling. Like all of her books, the guy & girl spend too much time guessing what the other one is thinking & not actually having an honest conversation. I read DP's books when I need light entertainment with a guaranteed HEA (kinda like a Hallmark movie with some good old tension, sexual & other). But that's what makes most of her books enjoyable for me when I need a relaxing read cuz I know that HEA is coming after the end.
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i remember kind of liking this book.there were some good things and i liked how the girl ran away and he tracked her was also a sweet gesture that he cut his hair,but i totally hated that he cut it!there were some serious problems in here, the fact that he could never get with her because he was the last of his line and had to get with sum1 who was a native american also. &yet he was dating this bimbo.& u just knew they were sleeping 2gether. ugh! so why did he nvr get
Nanee Mcgee
I love almost all of Diana Palmer's books and this one was really good. I love Cecily and Tate. Sexy as hell Tate, Native American, a secret I say sexy! Cecily is a naive, sweet girl who wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to Tate. Love them together, their love making was sweet and sexy. This book reminds me a lot of Diamond Spur with how the relationship progressed and the differences in the characters lives and the naivety in the women characters. Love Leta Tate's wonderful, beautiful and amazing mother. Even love Colby and Matt, great characters and a great story over all. A little long in spots when Audrey was around but loved it all the same. Love Micah Steele making a appearance too. Another great, romantic, sweet and sexy story by Diana Palmer.
Another typical Palmer book. It was a good read with great characters, emotions and storyline. I always seem to enjoy reading Palmer's books, and I love how she uses recurring characters to tie her books together. Tate was a secondary character in "Once In Paris". I liked all the characters in the book, including Colby Lane, and the romance between Tate and Cecily was good.But though I liked the book, I found myself a bit frustrated with some things. The storyline and romance/characters were jus
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