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PaperQuake: A Puzzle (2002)

PaperQuake: A Puzzle (2002)
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PaperQuake: A Puzzle (2002)
PaperQuake: A Puzzle (2002)

About book: I read this book in middle school and loved it. I was just getting into historical fiction books at the time and although "Paper Quake" isn't set in the past, it has plenty of letter snippets written at the time of the big San Francisco Earthquake. I read it a long time ago so this review is a little dated, but this is what I remember. Although I liked hearing about the main character Violet (who feels very lonely despite being a triplet- her sisters are often thought to be twins, leaving her the odd one out), the best parts of the story revolve around the historical mystery Violet is trying to figure out by piecing together old letters and diary entries she finds. They feature a sickly girl named Verity (known simply as V), her lover, and her little siblings. And once she starts to piece together Verity's story, Violet realizes how similar she and this girl are and how she ought to start making some changes in her life if she doesn't want to be alone, awkward, and frightened forever. Sometimes the plot is a little too coincidental, but as a kid I didn't mind it much.This was definitely one of my favorite books in 6th grade. The love letters between V and her beau made me sigh and the slow unveiling of their story definitely excited me. I was in love with the name Verity when it had finished and vowed to one day name my daughter Verity. I'm not sure if I ever will, but I do still think the name is very beautiful. And I'd definitely place this amongst my favorite middle school books. Find more book reviews at A Quick Red Fox.

I'm continually amazed at how stupid my brain is. It really is incredibally stupid. It must have seemed like I read this book for the first time to my senile brain. I picked up so many new details that I couldn't remember from last time, and my brain had even altered the storyline. It was crazy. I really liked what she had to say about the past could model the future but it didn't control it. Anyway. I really liked how Violet was born in San Francisco but she was afraid of earthquakes. So ironic. And then Sam and Beth don't really seem like her type of people. I don't know. It just all seemed odd to me. But it was good and had a satisfying ending.
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Alison Jones
I really did enjoy this book. It was kind of like a mystery following triplets, two of which look alike with one being somewhat of the "outcast". The two that look alike are a grade ahead of the third and because of this she feels like felt. When the girl that looks different (Violet) finds old letters in the walls written to a "Baby V" she feels almost a connection with the writer of the letters and holds onto something special that she can keep for herself. I enjoyed this book and felt that it was a very interesting read.
PaperQuake: A Puzzle is a book worth reading at least once. It starts off really well, keeping its reader engaged till almost the very end. Though I personally was disappointed with the way it ended so abruptly and also so obviously. A good effort though, and Reiss's style of writing is just captivating. I, being a grown adult quite enjoy such books meant for young adults and hence the writing style suited my reading appetite no end. Overall, a nice read for those interested in time travel and ghosts...
Good romantic mystery, with a historical time-travel aspect (just through letters, not actual time travel). Violet is one of triplet girls, but due to a heart ailment she's always been the weaker, timid sister, so much so that others think her sisters are twins and she's the odd one out. She gets caught up in a mystery left behind in letters and diary pages from a girl who lived in her family's old San Francisco house in 1906. She feels a kinship with "V", this long-ago girl who was sickly and in love with the same boy as her nursemaid, and Violet also gets visions that seem to be predicting the future. It's a really neat puzzle of a story that gets pretty suspenseful near the end.
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