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Paris Architect (2013)

Paris Architect (2013)

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This was a pick for a book group, and when I heard the basic premise, I admit that I was not keen to read it. I am glad that I ignored my initial feelings.This was an excellent read! I was hooked after the first few pages. The idea that an architect could design hiding places for Jews in Paris was a clever way to approach another story about the horrendous events of this war.Apparently, the idea for this book was based on the "priest holes" that helped hide Catholics during the reign of Elizabeth I.Lucien Bernard becomes involved in developing hiding places for Jews in 1942; originally, he agrees to this because of the money he would earn. The project would also challenge his skills as an architect, which intrigued him. As the story progresses, Lucien's motives undergo subtle changes, which allows the reader to ponder the question: How far will people go when life is on the line?The reader is also faced with the horrific acts performed, often with pleasure, by members of the Nazi party. The fact that Belfoure makes his characters human for the reader makes these acts even harder to face. This was an intense read. It was also a satisfying read, and I feel as if this book brought out both the humanity and inhumanity that can dwell in all of us.I highly recommend this book! I enjoyed the different perspective of this book. We have a reluctant hero rather than the saint-like saviour that often features in holocaust era novels. I loved the character development and the development of relationships between people who really should not have developed relationships according to the status quo of the time. A very enjoyable, quick read with a refreshingly different WWII plot.

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Great book and my worst fear was not realized. How's that for not using a spoiler?

A WWII novel from a different perspective. I really enjoyed this book.

Story was excellent. Writing was fair.

didn't love it...


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