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Passion Fish (2010)

Passion Fish (2010)

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1936305127 (ISBN13: 1936305127)
Omnific Publishing

About book Passion Fish (2010)

Wow, great book.... I wish I could give it a 4.5 because it was almost a 5. But not quite. I loved it though!!! I'm actually a little shocked at how much I loved it because it was really 2 main stories, plus 2 other stories so 4 in total, in one book. Normally that would drive me crazy, but I loved the 2 main stories so completely, and the 4 couples in this book soooo much that I didn't care!! There were a few times it was a little slow for me but I really enjoyed reading this book. The epilogue was amazing it had me laughing, crying and swooning!! I originally read this as a fan fic and loved it. It was hard to see the characters as different ones than I had originally loved. The actual book only gets 4 stars due to trying to see it as a separate entity than the fanfic Will seemed a bit of a pansy and a bit too perfect. The Eve/Will romance had the romantic tension but not a lot of spark. However Gage and Sky had enough passion to compensate. It was a unique change to see a romance of two drastically different couples in the same book.

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Great story! I flew through it and I really liked it!

3.5 stars, I read the fanfiction version.

Okay but nothing special.

Not bad,

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