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Passionate Addiction (2013)

Passionate Addiction (2013)

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About book Passionate Addiction (2013)

5 StarsGabi and Blake have never met. But for her birthday he is flying out to surprise her and finally met her. She is his light to the darkness that used to take over his life. They have gotten to know each other over years of talking in chat rooms and on the phone. Blake has secrets that he is keeping from Gabi as he believes he needs to fix the mess he got himself into. She helped fix him years ago so he needs to fix everything himself this time. But keeping secrets is affecting their relationship.As their love grows the tension from keeping the secrets also grows. Gabi knows Blake is keeping things from her but does not know what. Can she get him to confide in her?When the secrets are exposed will that be the end of Blake and Gabi’s relationship? Will it destroy their friendship also? Or will they learn from their mistakes and form a even better, sweeter bond?I highly recommend this story. Can’t wait for the next book in this series. this is such a passionate story that had me crying my eyes out through the half of it !!! and let me tell you, I will read it again and cry again !!it's such a passionate, true, raw, and lovely story that you are yet to read!!! my heart breaks from the heartache that is in this story and fills up from the love and cherish in it as well :) It took a while to read this 'cause let me tell you it is hard to read when you have blurry vision from all the crying that you have going on !!! from the first chapters you are falling in love with both Blake and Gabi, and you are stuck on them like glue :) and you just want one 1% of what they have :) it's a lovely story about our flaws, our strengths and weakness and our faults and our redemption. is it worth it in the end -- hell yeah !!! and you get to hang out with other guys in the stories and you get the lovely feeling of family, loyalty and love (all forms of it) and ... can we just point out that Eden just couldn't resist to put in Australia in the middle of this story ... like America isn't big enough ... :) don't worry, we love it !!! read the book, there will be tears, but it is all worth it !!! now I'm dying for the next book !!! hurry up you sheila !!!!

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Loooooved it! Can't wait for the next bok in the series! Fingers crossed it's Mason's story :)

I really liked Blake in the first book. I am so glad I got to read his HEA, bumps and all ;)

Seriously I can't wait anymore! When is this gonna come out??!!

Rating: 5Heat Rating: 4 out of 5Full review to come

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