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Passionate Bid (2014)

Passionate Bid (2014)

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Totally Bound

About book Passionate Bid (2014)

After ages of searching for a decent guy-finds-out-he-has-a-kid book, I've actually come across one that I loved. I had a mental checklist: sweet and adorable child (Sam is the epitome of preciousness), likable and relatable heroine (there was NEVER a moment I was annoyed by Joanie or found her to be unreasonable, that is such a rarity for me) and male groveling (YES! When you're an asshole, the guilt should eat away at you and make you feel like shit until you decide how you're going to make up for it. Julian eventually makes up for his initial douchebaggery by being a good father and finally treating Joanie the way she deserves). Of course there was drama and misunderstandings but they didn't drag on forever, thank God. I've read several books with the same basic storyline and this is easily my favorite."Do you want me to be your daddy?""Uh-huh. Do you want me to be your Sam?"*cue the uncontrollable awwwwwwww* Our heroine Joanie was only 17 when 25 year old Julian takes her virginity while he was totally intoxicated. Next morning he remembers nothing but heroine's father forces him to marry Joanie. He indeed marries her, and leaves her the day after the wedding cause he wants nothing to do with his young unattractive geeky bride. Now over 4 years later he is in a serious relationship with Georgina, a woman who is bitchy and evil and a gold-digger. She asks Julian to get a divorce as soon as possible and he agrees but when he sees Joanie again he is in shock. His child bride has become a hot sexy woman and he is attracted to her. She agrees to sign the divorce papers on one condition--he pay her one hundred thousand dollars. This is the first book where I thought the heroine was right in keeping her daughter a secret from Julian. He didn't deserve Sam and Joanie. He was a real asshole 4 years ago and the way he abandoned his young innocent bride broke my heart. Joanie is a wonderful mother. She loves her daughter fiercely and would give her life for her. She is wise and mature beyond her 21 years. Being a single mother is not easy but heroine is not bitter or vindictive and she never blames Julian for turning her life upside down. She has a heart of gold. This is how I like my heroines. I might have shed a few tears when Julian discovers his daughter is wearing a necklace with the ring he gave Joanie on their wedding day. I love the relationship between Julian and Sam. He is such a sweet caring father and his bonding times with Sam are a joy to read. Sam is the highlight of the book. She is so cute and funny and her honest naive comments about her parents made me laugh out loud! These three really become a family but psycho bitch Georgina tries to ruin everything and that makes Julian realize what a snake his girlfriend is. A very sexy, steamy romance with good character development and a nice touch of emotional angst!

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Finally read this one. I liked it so I ordered the expanded version from Totally Bound publishing.

Liked the story but hated the first scene with ow.


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