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Patchwork Dreams (2010)

Patchwork Dreams (2010)

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For anyone who enjoys Amish fiction, this is not the book or the series for you. I was unable to finish the entire book. I did skip through and read bits here and there - enough to get an accurate picture and the book is just not for me.The writing is not at all realistic of the way the Amish speak or behave or interact. It's more like someone wrote a "Christian" novel and threw in a few Amish words and phrases to make it work. The writing itself is not bad and I probably would have enjoyed it so much more if it had not been for the major inconsistencies. For example: The Amish do not complain like we do. Jacob might have been a bit disgruntled but he would not have gone on for half the book about how unfair it all was. And I know Becky's mom would NEVER have challenged Daniel over something so silly as a dinner. That's not the way Amish women are. It's the way we English are though so I can see where the author might not have realized her mistake.I had planned to finish the trilogy but I don't see that happening now. My suggestion: if you decide you want to read the book anyway, check it out from your local library. Can I say, right now, before I even finish this book how frustrated I am with the characters and their snap judgments of each other. Every single thing each one of them says or does is immediately misunderstood by the other. It is driving me nuts. I like the book, the storyline and each individual character. But no two people could really be this stupid, could they? Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Now I'm going back to finish the book and find out what happens.

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Becky was incredibly whiney and the ending was abrupt and unsatisfying :(

Didnt read all of it--too much "love" story and not much else

Easy read. Very enjoyable.

good but predictable

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