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Peacekeeper (2008)

Peacekeeper (2008)
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Peacekeeper (2008)
Peacekeeper (2008)

About book: Solid storytelling, a decent mystery, and lots of details to make it feel real. A bit too much military procedure for me, and way to many acronyms to keep track of, but it's not a military/battle sci-fi book and readers who aren't into that sub-genre shouldn't let that turn them off, just skim past it and focus on the story. I'm very curious to see how Ari and Matt's big discovery turns out, if there are survivors in the "destroyed" solar system, and what the Minoans really are. I enjoy when there are ongoing aspects to a series in addition to individual episodes for each book. Ari's job with Intelligence sets up the separate books nicely. I could have done without all of the Greek names and cultural references. It doesn't feel realistic that Gaia-ism would rise, at least in that way, as she indicated as a natural response to Kristos and Mumammadan religions at the time of Earth's expansion into the universe. I like the idea that they revere DNA and creation, but they aren't a culture that messes with DNA that much, so that seemed out of place. And that ancient Greece would become the religious and cultural focus, and Greek the common language, seems like reaching, and just unnecessary. But it's not substantial to the story and just a minor irritation. I'll admit my bias upfront: I'm a friend of author. But I think I would have liked this in any case. As a first novel in a planned series it does have to spend significant time setting up an alternate future and establishing all the necessary elements. It was fun to learn the jargon and piece together the factions in this particular future. I found it quite original and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't see where it was going or how it would end. I need to get going on reading the next one, "Vigilante."
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I might try this again later--but it sure did not grab me the first time around.
I really liked this book.
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