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Pearl Jam Twenty (2011)

Pearl Jam Twenty (2011)
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Pearl Jam Twenty (2011)
Pearl Jam Twenty (2011)

About book: Mostly a tour itinerary with stories of interest speckled throughout. Gets an extra star in the rating for getting me to actually sit down and listen to Pearl Jam outside of the hype that surrounds them as million-dollar arena rock stars, and actually appreciate the incredible musicianship that goes into each one of their records (especially the criminally overlooked guitarist Mike McCready). I'm surprised that I'm surprised by how good they actually are. As a fan of the band I can't be objective. It's not just an ordinary book, it is band's encyclopedia, a must have book. The life events, gigs, concerts, album recordings are chronologically placed, the band's members thoughts on creativity, inspiration, challenges, everyday struggles are so inspiring. I especially liked the reviews about the albums at the end of every chapter. It's so cool and enjoying while reading about their performances to watch them (thanks to youtube) or listening the songs while reading about the making process. That's why it took me almost two years to read the entire. And I liked that there was no official end, I believe there are lot of new pages to be written by Pearl Jam in the future.
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Best parts: the chapters on the albums themselves, giving nice insight into the recording process.
This book is probably not for everyone. But for a fan like myself? Pure joy.
Real nice.
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