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Pemberley Remembered (2007)

Pemberley Remembered (2007)

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0979893305 (ISBN13: 9780979893308)
Mary Simonsen

About book Pemberley Remembered (2007)

O MY GOSH! NEVER! This novel was not good. I realized after skimming the entire novel that this was Mary Lydon Simonsen's first honey it shows. First off the whole thing reads like the opening monologue of an old 90's movie. Ugh! It was not good. I didn't even finish the book, which is super hard for me. I always finish the books I read! Always. So as a compromise like I said I skimmed the rest of the book that I had not finished (more than 300 pages). Also my friend MK pointed out to me every other sentence started with I verb. Ugh. I am very disappointed, this novel was my thing. I love this kind of stuff. Ugh if you like this type of Jane Austen knock off stuff, find another book because this is not it. Oh, my. I only got 120 into this book and I can not finish it. Rarely do I give up on a book, but the writing was so boring, I just couldn't go on. The author TOLD the whole story. No one told her that she should SHOW not tell. The passages around family histories read like a wiki page - again, boring. I wanted to like this book, it was a decent story, but the author needs a good editor or at a minimum a writing group as honest as the one I'm part of.

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2.5 stars. Wonderful story, just not executed very well. Too disjointed.

alot of it was more like a history lesson; just ok

Great book if you like Pride and Prejudice!


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