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Pemberley To Waterloo (2011)

Pemberley to Waterloo (2011)

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About book Pemberley To Waterloo (2011)

The continuation of Georgiana's diary and her engagement to Edward. She travels to Brussels and witnesses the horrors of the aftermath of the battle at Waterloo and tends to a seriously wounded fiance. That's the plot but the story is much more powerful that the first diary as it really shows us the horrors of the battle and also the characters of Kitty and Georgiana mature and become more interesting. Better written and more depth than the first diary of Georgiana's. I'm looking forward to reading the next one by this author about Kitty. 3.5 stars.The first book in this series, Georgiana Darcy's Diary, had me completely enthralled. It didn't have, or I didn't notice, the weaknesses that this one does: Caroline Bingley acting completely out of character; too many instances of Georgiana writing something in her diary and then comparing it to the text of a gothic or romance novel; too much HEA- so many romances so neatly wrapped up.Even so, I'm a sucker for all things Austen and am interested in the Regency period - all in all, I did enjoy it.

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Another fun book, however a little too tied up in ribbons in the end. Still I enjoyed it!

A fun read about Georgiana Darcy after her engagement to Col. Fitzwilliam.

Very enjoyable and satisfying continuation of Pride and Prejudice.

OK not as good as the first one though :)

really engaging.

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