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Pentecost (2011)

Pentecost (2011)

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When I pick up a book, I expect to be entertained. This book did that for me. Enough so that I purchased the second one in the series. Having read a couple of reviews here, I agree that there were some edits that could have been made, and the story did deal heavily with Christianity, but as a first offering I thought it was good. I mean, come on! With a background in theology, what else would an author write about? I do like the protagonist, Morgan Sierra, and I look forward to seeing her development over the next books. August 24, 2014A review by Anthony T. Riggio of J.F.Penn’s book “Pentecost, an Arkane Thriller (Book 1)”This as an interesting and captivating fictional work, that intertwines some religious ideas, relics and a group of self-appointed cataloger and collectors of strange, paranormal and religious phenomena. They strive to collect these items and writings to prevent “evil” groups and persons from using them for personal or power grabbing motives.The heroine of this work is an Oxford scholar who abandoned her work as an Israeli intelligence operative to pursue her deep interests in psychology and studies of paranormal events. She is also a student of Carl Jung’s school of psychology.She and her sister are given each an amulet made of stone by their deceased father and given only a brief explanation of their importance. They each wear this stone around their necks and learn that they are two of twelve stones each given to each Apostle of Jesus Christ after the Pentecost and before they each scattered to distant parts to preach the teachings of Jesus Christ.There is a sinister group of zealots who are also searching for the stones for less than holy or beneficial goals. Additionally there is an American wealthy business man also searching for the stones in the hope of harnessing the believed power these stones are alleged to have, if they are ever brought within proximity to each other during the appearance of a comet believed to have been present during the original Pentecost.There is also a hero in one of the agents of the Arkane group headquartered in London and is the star agent of this group and he collaborates in a whirlwind search with the heroine of this book to collect the stones from suspected locations. This is all in an effort to rescue the sister of the heroine who has been kidnapped by the wealthy and obviously deranged American who is extorting the stones if recovered from the scholar and the agent of Arkane.The book is a thriller and very entertaining work which I bought from Amazon’s Kindle edition. I found the story compelling and gave it four stars out of five (Four Stars). If you are a ready for fast paced action read, you will enjoy this book.

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What a great read, was really hard to put down and the characters were really solid.

Hard to put down. A great one for those who like historical fiction.


ok for a freebie

A great read.

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