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Pepped Up (2000)

Pepped Up (2000)
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Pepped Up (2000)
Pepped Up (2000)

About book: I was given this book for an honest review, and I can honestly say that I loved it. It had romance, it had drama, and it had teens coming of age and discovering themselves. I didn’t want to put it down once I started because I was all into Pepper’s budding love life and was dying to see which direction things were going to go. Would she continue to vie for the affections of her best friend whom she’s always been in love with, Jace, or would she end up falling for Ryan, the new guy with the same interests and ambitions as her? Jace is the bad boy whose always held her heart, but Ryan gets her and is willing to fight for her where others have shied away because of Jace’s protectiveness over her. I’ll tell you, I had a hard time deciding who I wanted to root for in this battle for Pepper’s heart, but I enjoyed the emotional ride the author took me on with these characters. I thank Ms. Dean that I had Book 2 waiting and ready on my Kindle because I couldn’t stop once I had started. I would’ve been stalking her to get the sequel ASAP.Though it may be new to some readers, my brother ran cross when we were in high school (I am soooo not a runner), so I was familiar with the sport, helping me relate to the story. But even if you aren’t familiar with it, the author did a good job in educating you as the story went along so you fully understood what was going on. There were a few small errors, but overall, the editing was really good. I highly recommend this book. It does have some mature content, so I would recommend it for the older YA crowd, but it still fits the genre and is a great read. And you might as well go ahead and grab Book 2, All Pepped Up, because you’re not going to want to wait a minute to continue the story. I like novels that incorporate a sport theme within the story. And that's exactly what we get here. The story is developed within the confine's of Pepper's high school cross country season.As many other reviewers, I didn't like the resolution of the romantic triangle. I was rooting for Ryan all the way, feel like Jace is just a jerk and that she ended up going with him is the only bummer about this novel.But it's such a fun read that I decided my dislike for the ending shouldn't downgrade my rating of the book. We'll see what the sequel brings about.
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Came across this book by accident & loved it! So fun & easy read! Can't wait for book 2!
Loved, loved, loved this story! I need book two asap!
3.8 stars. Will for sure read the next one.
I love Pepped Up.
I loved it.
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