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Perfect Day (2012)

Perfect Day (2012)

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About book Perfect Day (2012)

I agree with Chris. This really was perfect. Looking back, it seems hard to believe it was as short as it was (under 30 pages!) because it was so amazingly complete. There was plot. There was characterization. There was humor. There was angst. There was even a pretty well developed backstory. I'd have to say this is probably the only time (so far?) that I've wanted to give out "extra credit," that I've been so wowed by a story it makes me sad the highest rating I can give it is a full score.The tension was perfectly balanced for its length, and yet, it was still so damn sweet. Perfect Day left me crying. Happy crying. Peaceful, slow, hopeful crying. With silent tears. And it didn't stop easily either. It's the way Josh Lanyon chooses his words - so carefully, but in so relaxed way at the same time it seems. And it's all the delicate tones and the way the mood changes. And how can he make me feel pleased and miserable at the same time? Angry and wistful?But in the end the most important feeling for me in this story was hope. I have a soft spot for stories that end with hope. For me to read this particular story especially today was a perfect timing, simply a perfect day to read it. Today I was dead tired and quite hopeless, actually. This little story gave me a big amount of hope. Thank you.

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Perfect short. Lanyon can really write great characters.

Great short story! Josh Lanyon never lets me down!

I wish this was longer such a lovely story.

A short, sweet lovely story.

Rated 4.25 stars.

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