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Perfect Passion - Verführerisch (2000)

Perfect Passion - Verführerisch (2000)

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About book Perfect Passion - Verführerisch (2000)

A modern-day Beauty and the Beast..After reading this book I did a search for Jessica Clare and one-clicked all the books in this series. I am a sucker for good Billionaire love stories. The ones that are NOT cheesy and seriously unrealistic. Jessica does a great job of making the reader believe that even billionaires are real people with real problems. She gives us a heroine that so down to earth readers will be able to see themselves in her shoes.Gretchen needs money. She is a ghostwriter for a series that she is not herself in love with. She is tired of writing about essentially science fiction porn. She has writers block because she can’t stand her characters and the path that they are on. She would do anything to get a reprieve from writing this book even take a job that is quite unorthodox. She is woman who loves an adventure, says what she thinks, and really does not care what people think of her. When her agent contacts her about an opportunity to write a book based on a trunk of old letters while staying at a mansion she jumps at the opportunity. Not to mention the money. She is about to be late with rent again and this opportunity could not have come at a better time.Hunter is a very scarred man inside and out. Because of an accident when he was young part of his face is disfigured. He has kept himself out the public eye and has never pursued a relationship before. He becomes intrigued with Gretchen when he over hears her talking with her friend about her taste in men. Gretchen is more about what is underneath and knows from experience that beauty is only skin deep.It was comical to watch Hunter hide in the shadows while Gretchen did as she pleased. She was told by his evil butler not to wander in certain parts of the house. Hunter’s plan was to stay hidden until the time was right. Well he did not get to pick when that time would be, because Gretchen came waltzing into his room just as he got out of the shower and she got a nice view of what Hunter had to offer. I laughed out loud several times at the miscommunication between these two. Hunter is a stubborn pain in the ass and Gretchen is a feisty red-head with no filter. The two of them together are a train wreck. They are polar opposites but everyone knows that opposites attract. When these two finally do come together the chemistry is explosive and I absolutely adored the passionate lover that Hunter became.Readers that enjoy love stories and happily ever after for the most unlikely couples will fall in love with Beauty and The Billionaire. Tortured, damaged and insecure Hunter. For the first time in forever it was the man who was the insecure and damaged soul. I absolutely loved Hunter. He was so innocent, blushing and inexperienced. It was a nice change up from the playboy, sarcastic, egotistical type I usual fall for. Throughout the whole book I kept thinking of Phantom of the Opera. Gretchen being Christine and Hunter the Phantom because like the Phantom, Hunter has a scarred face and body. And just like in the Phantom of the Opera I was Team Phantom. I don't care if the Phantom went all delirious and obsessive, I liked him so much more than plain old Raoul. And we had a Raoul in this book, his name was Cooper, but unlike the movie this book went according to how I wanted it too. Gretchen was a fun protagonist, all lively and witty and snappy and creative. Perfect for Hunter.Still loving this whole Brotherhood thing this series has going on. So we've had Logan's story and Logan is the Leader.And now Hunter's. And I'd say he's the quiet and damaged one.Next book!

Do You like book Perfect Passion - Verführerisch (2000)?

I liked this one more, or wait! The first one was just as good. Cant wait for the others.

Sorry, this one didn't work for me. Blame it to the hero.

So much better than the 1st book! ^_^

Hunter is my favourite so far!

Nice read, 4.5 ⭐️

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