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Perfect Regret (2013)

Perfect Regret (2013)
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Perfect Regret (2013)
Perfect Regret (2013)

About book: I don't often write reviews on books only because I read so many- usually 3-4 a week- so it takes a lot for me to take the time to write a review on one of the dozens upon dozens of books I read- but this was likely one of the worst story lines and character developments I have ever encountered.. The main woman in this story was the most ridiculous and annoying and childish person I have ever read about. I know usually they all have the moments in the book- but this chick.. It was constant every page, page after page after page.. I didn't like her one bit- didn't even want to see her end up with the guy in the end I disliked her so much.. I get not making the story line so easy going and perfect but this went way too far.. If you want to feel frustrated and annoyed for about 95% of the book- then go for it.. This was a good book and I likely would have given it 4 stars were it not for Riley.LOVED Garrett soooo much, but not sure what he saw in Riley. Riley was the most unlikeable, judgmental mega bitch and she was supposed to be the heroine!!!! There was no good reason for her nastiness, no tragic background that caused her to be guarded or shield herself. She was just a straight up bitch.Overall I liked the book but Riley was a hard pill to swallow.
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3.5stars. Cute but Riley grated on my nerves for a while. Bad Rep was better IMO.
Better than the first book. :)
3.5 out of 5 stars
3.50 stars
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