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Perfecting Fiona (1990)

Perfecting Fiona (1990)

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"Every spinster of fifty, however sensible, has the soul of a seventeen-year-old virgin" p 80. "Perhaps sometimes, to our children, we shall seem a most unsuited couple, but marriage is like life -- exhilarating, dreadful, and often unfair .. But we shall know through thick and thin that we love each other, and that is all that matters" p 145. From bon ton fine London society, Effy aged into dainty fluffy "delicacy" and twin Amy "middle-aged .. tall flat figure and enormous hands and feet and the face of a trusting horse" p 2 for sister's sake refused "two respectable proposals" p 4, offer to bring out difficult girls. Mr and Mrs Burgess of Tunbridge Wells bring niece Fiona McLeod 19 unwed "despite several advantageous offers" p 2 and beatings by Mr B. "She danced like an angel, painted highly competent water-colours, and spoke Italian fluently. She had perfect manners and graceful bearing .. very quiet and shy and withdrawn, there seemed to be no fault" p 19, look of "waif .. small pale face and large large eyes that appeared colorless" p 15 seem violet like dress or "blue" p 88, remembers parental arguments, prefers to wait two years rather than marry for control of fortune. Her creative lies to prevent proposals and biting insults intrigue Lord Peter Havard 33 p 58 "intense blue eyes and midnight black hair and powerful, athletic body" p 82. He shares her decision against marriage -- until they kiss "cannons firing, fireworks going off, noise and tumult and gladness. The war is over and I am come home" p 91. "The villain was Mr Desmond Callaghan .. Fribble .. assiduously cultivated the sisters' aunt, Mrs Cutworth [for] .. everything .. nothing but debts" p 21. He gets Tribbles's second footman Frank drunk, in trouble, out of work, but does heed suggestion "try your hand with Miss Effy" p 73. When nabob Haddon challenges Callaghan to a duel, Amy dons peeler red coat, itchy grey "false side-whiskers" and "stuffed a pillow .. portly appearance .. for the masquerade" p 123. (view spoiler)[Haddon laughs and gets her out of sight before others see. Callaghan flees to Continent. Haddon bribes Duke and Duchess of Penshire to approve marriage of Fiona and Peter. "Blazing with fire, red, wicked as sin, the large ruby shone with an evil light" p 159. Fiona covers all expenses for Tribbles and more. Prince Regent attends wedding "too demned affecting for words .. most deliciously mournful wedding of the year" p 167. (hide spoiler)]

2.5 starsI recently discovered I had Perfecting Fiona my ebook archives and since her books tend to be short, I thought I'd give Marion Chesney another try. I was wary as my first Marion book 'Miss Fiona's Fancy' was a stinker (seriously, don't read it).Perfecting Fiona is thankfully much better and is second in a series featuring the Tribble Sisters' 'School for Manners'. Amy and Effy are well, the most unprofessional professional chaperones in London. In this book, they 'help' the Burgess's get their unwanted niece Fiona hitched, who unfortunately has a nasty habit of making potential suitors cry off. The most exasperating thing about the book is how immature these 50 year old spinster sisters are, which I'm sure is meant to be played for laughs but gets old real fast. There is also a real lack of nuance in the emotions throughout the book. People are either bored or ANGRY(!!!) for seemingly the tiniest of things. Amy has an awful sailor's mouth for someone who is suppose to be teaching charges etiquette and manners... very odd. The heroine Fiona and Lord Peter are serviceable but not particularly memorable and the romance, well, it formed a bit slower than instalove... but only just. The climactic conflict at the end was also laughably farcical. As the Tribble Sisters are the real stars of the show, by the end when they're ready to boot this girl out of their home and into the marriage bed, the actual wedding was dealt with in a matter of lines and the motions for the next the series was already taking place.It feels a bit harsh giving the book 2.5 stars as it wasn't terrible but was it pedestrian and formulaic (I mean pretty much all Regencies of formulaic but some hide the formula with awesomeness better than others). Expect a pleasant afternoon's read but have no recollection of it. Rating: 2.5 unpopped cherriesRereadability: I probably won't be. I had to look up Effy's name to write this review as I couldn't remember it. Evey, Essie, Effy...same same.

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The book tells the story of a heiress called Fiona who is afraid of marriage due to her encounters of dysfunctional marriages especially that of her mother and father who were always quarrelling and slept in separate bed chambers. Both her parents are dead and she is raise by her aunt, Mrs Burgess.She has lied to all her previous suitors by making up stories to get out of marriage, from not being a virgin to having galloping fever...For this her aunt and uncle have beaten her with birch as a way

The Tribbles are back with a new charge, Miss Fiona Macleod a Scottish heiress sent by her aunt and uncle to the Tribbles because she's sent every suitor running. The Tribbles find Fiona charming as does Lord Peter Havard, a notorious rake. The Tribbles try to push Fiona into marriage but not with Lord Peter, who is entirely unsuitable. Fiona has her own ideas about marriage and plots to keep the gentlemen away. Meanwhile, Effy and Amy Tribble hold out hope of romance of their own and the dastardly Mr. Callahagn who inherited their aunt's money, has plans of his own. This second volume in the series wasn't as funny or charming as the first. The romance happens too quickly and is too improbable. I enjoyed Effy and Amy's exploits much better than Fiona's and laughed out loud at some of them.

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