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Phantom Of Pemberley: A Pride And Prejudice Murder Mystery (2010)

Phantom of Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery (2010)

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1282945653 (ISBN13: 9781282945654)
Ulysses Press

About book Phantom Of Pemberley: A Pride And Prejudice Murder Mystery (2010)

This book would have been much better with it's own stand alone characters instead of trying to fit in with the pride and prejudice cast. The characters did not hold true to Jane Austen's descriptions. The book had an ok mystery but more than half of the story rehashed the pride and prejudice story and constantly reminded us that Elizabeth and Darcy are madly in love. We get it, let's move on. Skip this book and read the original classic instead. This book wasn't too bad, though I wish every single one of the Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy-making-out scenes was deleted from this novel. So annoying! I don't need to read about what they do in their private time together. Less is more, in this case. Anyway, though it seemed to take at least 3/4 of the book before anything really happened...and the ending was extremely confusing, until I figured out what was going was an okay "sequel" to Pride and Prejudice. One thing that was really weird is that this author seems to write each one of her P & P sequels as stand-alones...she never builds off her original "Darcy's Passions" even though it was written earlier. Events are totally different and changed, such as pregnancies, character relationships, and other things. I found that quite strange. It's like she starts over on each "sequel" and imagines things totally different from how she originally wrote them in "Darcy's Passions."Oh, and what's with the occasional use of modern slang/words?? Totally disorienting and jerks the reader right back out of the book.

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I really enjoyed this book. I'm normally a Romance fan but this book combined romance with mystery.

I got this because I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice so much. It was a fun read.

70 percent off at Borders going out of business! I'll try it! :)

good story but regina jeffers is no jane austen

Ack. Painful.

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