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Phoenix's Heart (2013)

Phoenix's Heart (2013)

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About book Phoenix's Heart (2013)

Jennifer has had her heart broken and decides to have one night of fun. That night will include losing her virginity. After meeting Phoenix she decides he is the one, little does she realize he is not human. Their one night stand is turned upside down quickly. Phoenix has become quite attatched to Jennifer and misses her, but he gets the suprise of his life one day at work. This is a quick fast paced read, with erotica, romance and a paranormal twist. Amazing read!! WaAR I didn't realise this was a supernatural book, but definitely glad I read it.I loved Jennifer, she was a sassy girl, I loved how forward she was with Phoenix! Wow how hot was he!I thought Megan was a fun crazy lady, but when she turned on her BFF I went off her a bit, but was really pleased when she apologised for her behaviour !I loved how you twisted the story about Jennifer starting her new job, with the boss being Phoenix, then how cool, calm and collected they all were when we learned Jenny was pregnant!I was really chuffed when Jenny stood her ground after finding Phoenix with Melissa and I fully sided with Jenny!Good summer read!

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I liked this book. Was a quick read. There were grammatical errors, but I still enjoyed it.

Very confused!!!! I think the story could have been great if it hadn't been so rushed!

I did like the book,but the ending just seemed off. I can't really explain it.

There's 77p I'll never get back

hated it...

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